Five Things I’ve Enjoyed this August

Five Things I’ve Enjoyed this August August 2020 After revamping my whole portfolio and starting the whole “Things I’ve Enjoyed This Week” series, I have basically been absent from this blog and social media. The world seems to becomes crazier by the day and additionally there was and still is a lot going on in my life. Like renovating a whole damn game studio within a month (absolutely exhausting, but […]

New World Preview now online

Thanks to Gamereactor I’ve had the chance to preview New World, Amazon Studio’s upcoming MMO. As someone not particularly interested in PvP content I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the game. Turns out: Playing in a match with 100 players, defending a fort and muskets are real fun! If you’re curious to find out more about my first impressions of the game, be sure to check out the […]