Five Things I’ve Enjoyed this August

Five Things I’ve Enjoyed this August August 2020 After revamping my whole portfolio and starting the whole „Things I’ve Enjoyed This Week“ series, I have basically been absent from this blog and social media. The world seems to becomes crazier by the day and additionally there was and still is a lot going on in […]

New World Preview now online


New World Preview now online Thanks to Gamereactor I’ve had the chance to preview New World, Amazon Studio’s upcoming MMO. As someone not particularly interested in PvP content I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the game. Turns out: Playing in a match with 100 players, defending a fort and muskets are real fun! […]

Five Things I’ve Enjoyed This Week – 27. April – 3. May

Five Things I’ve Enjoyed This Week Doom Eternal Soundtrack, Spides, SlidesGo, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments and The Leviathan. 3. May 2020 I have quite a productive week behind me, even though it went by pretty quick. My second week of using Sorted3 –  and I‘m happy to say that it does seem like I […]

Five Things I’ve Enjoyed This Week – 20. – 26. April

Five Things I’ve Enjoyed This Week Dune, Sorted3, Below Soundtrack, After Life and Animal Crossing: New Horizons 26. April 2020 This is the first entry of a blog post series that I am hopefully able to keep up, even when things start to get back to normal again. I am very big on keeping a […]

Sea of Solitude Review now online

Sea of Solitude

My review for Sea of Solitude just got published! I was really excited to play the game. Not only because it is developed by a Berlin based studio, but also because the style really resonated with me since the first time I saw the game. It is a very short, yet really emotional experience. If […]

The Sinking City Review now online

The Sinking City

I’m always really excited when I hear an announcement about games that play (or are inspired by) the Lovecraft universe, so I was excited to play The Sinking City as soon as it was announced. Unfortunately it wasn’t the kind of experience I was hoping for in a Lovecraftian RPG. If you’re interested in my […]