Published Works

Here you can find a summary about the published works I've done so far. All of them are in german, though I would like to start writing for english outlets too in the future.

I’ve been a Freelancer for Gamereactor DE since almost two years now. In that time I wrote almost one thousand texts, most of them news that I’ve translated from english into german for our site. But besides that I also attend press events and write articles and reviews myself. You can click here for a full list of all the content I’ve wrote so far.

Since last year I am also a author for the WASD magazine, a bookazine about video game culture which gets published every six months, twice a year. Here I mostly write about game design related things. In the latest issue I wrote a three-paged article about designing war in video games and published a small text about having trust issues since Mass Effect 2's suicide mission (don't ask).

So far there are 13 issues of the magazine, if you’re interested in articles and essays about video game culture, you should absolutely take a look at the shop!

For the GameStar I've worked on a column about forgotten indie games, called "Was wurde aus ...?". I was responsible for researching a list full of games that we didn't hear from a long time, getting in contact with the develeopers and writing a update on the current situation of the game. In total I've contributed five articles to the GameStar. If you want to read them, just click on the images.

The first time I really started writing about video games was through a internship at Sleaze Magazine here in Berlin. I was responsible for the video game section, as well as the movie and comic section which were later revived. Here I wrote articles and reviews, attended press events, held interviews and transcribed them. I learned all of the essentials, generally had a lot of fun and worked there for about a year before moving on. In total I contributed 81 articles for the site (damn)