The environment is settled in a science fiction based universe. The goal of the multi layered level is to reach the target person, which is eating at his favorite restaurant on the fourth floor, to interrogate him and gather the information we need to complete the quest.
The car park has been abandoned for a while and is now being used as a living space for the homeless and poor. Because of the target‘s visit, most of the environment is being guarded by his men. In order to get through the floors the player has to rely on stealth mechanics, almost every floor serves opportunities to gather items or get help in order to ease the difficulty. In total the level should last between 15 to 20 minutes and is taking place in the first hours of playing the fictional game. The idea is to make the player comfortable with the stealth mechanics and to introduce some of the items he will use throughout the game.
Every floor serves it’s own purpose and focuses on specific points. Enemies only get introduced after guiding the player through the first two floors, giving him options to talk to NPCs and earn advantages for the confrontation on the final fourth floor. The final floor brings together every enemy type that got introduced beforehand and stands as narrative climax for the mission.
The player’s attention should be guided through the walking paths of the enemies, lighting and some scripted events like the elevator crashing on the second floor. The second floor introduces the first of three different types of enemies (marked with red, blue and yellow on the map) the player will meet on their way up. The placement of the enemies should ideally limit the players behaviour in a way that he is forced to really interact with each floor environment. Scenarios like the overfilled slum on the first floor or the big market on the third should be taken as a advantage for the player.
After sketching out the whole level with the help of Adobe InDesign I brought the design over to the Unreal Engine, where I’ve blocked out the third and fourth floor. The images on the right represent screenshots I’ve made for the fourth floor blockout. The scope got drastically minimized after realizing that there was way too much open space which would prevent the player from using the stealth mechanics implemented in the game.
Ideally I would like come back to this project at another point and start modelling the actual environment besides reworking the architectural aspects a little bit.