Gargantua is a Arduino project I’ve made during the Alt.Ctrl Workshop at my university. The overall goal for the workshop was to create a unconventional controller for a fictional game. I’ve decided I wanted to combine the controller with the game and was inspired by devices like the Pip-Boy, where you can read log entries, manage your inventory etc. 

How it works

Gargantua is a old fictional device which holds information about a lost expedition in the antarctic. With the help of the slider bar and the buton, the player is able to search through the old entries in the log. The power of the device has to be frequently loaded, a led strip is indicating how much power is left. A strong light source has to be held at the light sensor in order to provide more power for the device. If the power runs completely out, the device shuts itself off and the player has no chance to further interact with the device.


Products used

  • LCD Module
  • Light Sensor
  • Breadboard
  • Simple Button
  • Slider bar
  • LED Strip with 10 segments