Frankfurter Buchmesse Poster Competition Anne Zarnecke

Every year the Frankfurter Buchmesse is hosting a poster competition, in which young designers are given the chance to have their poster publicly presented to advertise the book convention. For every year there is a new guest of honor, meaning that the topic of the design has to revolve around that country.

As part of my communication design module at the university, every student was partaking at the competition. 2018 Georgia was the guest of honor, which led me to a lot of research for a country I didn’t know much about before. I’ve learned that the country is currently in a split between a young society led by new technology, and older generations cherishing the old practices of Georgia. With the title “Ganz und Gar – Georgien” I wanted to combine those two sides, representing the beauty of both of them. Old churches stand in contrast with modern architecture like the bridge of peace, traditional georgian hats represent the culture while the graduation hat stands for new generations which are moving out of the country to start studying. 


This was my very first project using Adobe InDesign and trying out the vector line icon look, which I really like. The poster was made in about two months.