A Plague Tale

A Plague Tale: Innocence Review now online

My review for Asobo Studio’s A Plague Tale: Innocence got published yesterday on the german Gamereactor site. It is pretty rare to see game mechanics that work so perfectly together with the rest of the game, the developers did an amazing job creating the rat crowding system and using that […]

Gamedesign Womenize

What I’ve Been Up To

I have been pretty quiet in the last couple of months after announcing the start of my internship at Mad About Pandas. A lot has happened during that time: I have started doing interviews for the Womenize! Wednesday Weekly Featurette, a series where influential women from the games and tech […]

Review Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu – Gamereactor Review now online

Hey! this is just a quick post to let you know that my review for Cyanide Studios‘ Call of Cthulhu is now online at Gamereactor Germany. I’ve really enjoyed the lovecraftian atmosphere and how they managed to put the human psyche (and the destruction of it) in focus gameplay-wise. If you […]

Game Design Internship at Mad About Pandas

Two weeks ago I’ve started my internship at Mad About Pandas, a small studio here in Berlin. I am part of the team working on Hitchhiker, a mystery game inspired by titles like Firewatch or Gone Home with a kind of Twin Peaks vibe. If you want to know more […]

The Sounds That Roam At Night

The Sounds That Roam At Night A Short Walking Simulator with Twin Peaks vibes People all over the world are hearing them: strange sounds, combined with weird hallucinations. Dive into the role of four different characters talking to each other on a forum about weird happenings. What is the source […]


Tesseract An abstract puzzle game inspired by M. C. Escher Tesseract combines heavy puzzle mechanics with the abstract style of M. C. Escher and games like Monument Valley. With a restricted set of steps it is your task to navigate the cube through the diverse levels. Different platforms have different […]

Open House Exhibition UE

Open House Exhibition @ UE

Almost two weeks ago we’ve had our exhibition and open house at the university, where everyone was invited to look at our current works. One of my games I worked on, Tesseract, was included in the „Süper Mega Game Pack“ (the GOTY of university works). Our professors also gave us […]


Automata A Sci-Fi-Adventure about what it means to be a mother. The newly introduced NannyBots, robots made for taking care of children, are dividing nations: should we really let our kids be raised by machines? In Automata you take on the role of a NannyBot and get to experience two […]