Royal Creatures

Royal Creatures Action-Adventure-RPG Inspired by the Pokémon Franchise, this RPG pairs players with a mythological beast and puts them into a world full of political intrigue. I am a big fan of the Pokémon franchise ever since I was a child. I always wanted to see a more mature and raw approach to the whole […]


Contact First-Person-Detective-Thriller Constant visits by extraterrertrials plague the players mind while they have to find the cause of the events, maintain their sanity and keep the beloved family together. I have always loved horror movies, specifically the more experimental ones like Hereditary or Insidious, but never was quite a fan or horror games. Most of […]

Five Things I’ve Enjoyed this August

Five Things I’ve Enjoyed this August August 2020 After revamping my whole portfolio and starting the whole „Things I’ve Enjoyed This Week“ series, I have basically been absent from this blog and social media. The world seems to becomes crazier by the day and additionally there was and still is a lot going on in […]