Hello! My name is Anne and I am currently in my sixth semester studying game design at the University of Applied Sciences Europe here in Berlin. I spend a lot of time working in the fields of systemic, narrative and level design. I love coming up with the core mechanics of a game, creating guidelines and wiki's as well as making sure that the overall design of the game keeps unified throughout the development time. Besides my main focus as a game designer I am highly interested in helping out with management and organizational work, like creating production pipelines and improving the overall time management of the team. Over the years I also gathered quite a lot of experience as a freelance writer. In the past I've already worked for big outlets like GameStar, Gamereactor as well as print magazines like the WASD and Gain Magazine, where I've written everything from classic game reviews to articles about designing game mechanics. I am very self-motivated and driven regarding my work and like to help other people out so they can reach their full potential. At the moment I am part of Mad About Pandas, where I help out with the development of Hitchhiker as a working game design student. I am always happy to talk about new opportunities and everything game development related, so feel free to contact me if you've got something on your mind!
Anne Zarnecke

What I spend most of my time with

Game Development
Systemic Design
Level Design
Narrative Design
Games Journalism