Anne Zarnecke

Hi! My name is Anne and I am currently in my fifth semester studying game design at the University of Applied Sciences Europe here in Berlin. Because of the way our university courses are structured, I already had a lot of opportunities to dive into the different roles in a developer team. My biggest focal points are narrative, level and environmental design, but I am also interested in gameplay programming, the role of a lighting artist and everything surrounding the study of player behaviour. 

My all time favorite (AAA) games are Skyrim, the Mass Effect Trilogy and The Witcher 3. Talking about indie games my favorites are Observer, SOMA and Firewatch. Also: Remember Me is a hugely underrated game. You can probably tell that I have a bit of a thing for everything science fiction, especially the cyberpunk subgenre. Adding to that I recently started to collect old science fiction books, because I really love the retrofuturistic vibe of the old stories written back in the 70’s and 80’s . That doesn’t mean that I am restricting myself to science fiction though, I am genuinely interested in every video game that is able to tell a good story and / or has a really well designed game mechanic. Besides playing and developing video games I also watch a lot of movies and have a gigantic movie checklist which I will probably never complete.