Frankfurter Buchmesse Poster Competition Anne Zarnecke

Frankfurter Buchmesse Poster Competition

Every year the Frankfurter Buchmesse is hosting a poster competition, in which young designers are given the chance to have their poster publicly presented to advertise the book convention. For every year there is a new guest of honor, meaning that the topic of the design has to revolve around that country. As part of my communication design module at the university, every student was partaking at the competition. 2018 […]

Ostkreuz: Hood


Hood is a conceptual series about different parts of Berlin. For this example I’ve focused on Ostkreuz and based the short little magazine around the area.  My goal was to break down the area into their diverse features, like textures, form and shapes. Through  the use of a thick red outline every double page has its own motif. The topic of the double page is also undermined with the use […]

Multi Floor Sci-Fi Car Park Narrative Anne Zarnecke

Multi Floor Sci-Fi Car Park

Narrative The environment is settled in a science fiction based universe. The goal of the multi layered level is to reach the target person, which is eating at his favorite restaurant on the fourth floor, to interrogate him and gather the information we need to complete the quest. The car park has been abandoned for a while and is now being used as a living space for the homeless and poor. Because of the target‘s visit, most […]