The Sounds That Roam At Night

The Sounds That Roam At Night A Short Walking Simulator with Twin Peaks vibes People all over the world are hearing them: strange sounds, combined with weird hallucinations. Dive into the role of four different characters talking to each other on a forum about weird happenings. What is the source […]


Tesseract An abstract puzzle game inspired by M. C. Escher Tesseract combines heavy puzzle mechanics with the abstract style of M. C. Escher and games like Monument Valley. With a restricted set of steps it is your task to navigate the cube through the diverse levels. Different platforms have different […]

Open House Exhibition UE

Open House Exhibition @ UE

Almost two weeks ago we’ve had our exhibition and open house at the university, where everyone was invited to look at our current works. One of my games I worked on, Tesseract, was included in the „Süper Mega Game Pack“ (the GOTY of university works). Our professors also gave us […]