I am a game designer and writer.

Hi! My name is Anne Zarnecke and I’m a German Game Designer living in Berlin. My passion lies in telling stories through mechanics in order to create meaningful experiences. I have a bachelors degree in Game Design and am the Game Design Director and Narrative Designer at the Berlin based game developer Mad About Pandas.

Besides working as a Game Designer, I am also freelancing as a writer and journalist. Throughout the years I have published various articles on websites like GameStar and Gamereactor, my work can also be seen in print magazines like the WASD and Gain Magazine.

Being both a game developer as well as a game journalist allows me to combine skills that benefit the work on both sides. I have in depth knowledge about player behavior, emotional design as well as a good sense for the overall design of a game, which helps me to keep everything unified.

Anne Zarnecke

Recent projects


Hitchhiker is a mystery game set along lost highways, where your goal is to solve the puzzle of your own backstory.

Unannounced Project

I unfortunately can’t say much at this point except for the fact that I am involved in world building, creation of the core mechanics as well as systemic design. Exciting stuff!

Royal Creatures

An RPG that pairs players with a mythological beast and puts them into a world full of political intrigue. A personal project of mine.

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What I’m playing right now

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