Anne Zarnecke

Hi! My name is Anne Zarnecke and I’m a German Game Designer living in Berlin. My passion lies in telling stories through mechanics in order to create meaningful experiences. I recently finished my bachelors degree in Game Design at the University of Applied Sciences and am the Game Design Director and Narrative Designer at the Berlin based game developer Mad About Pandas.

Besides working as a Game Designer, I am also freelancing as a writer and journalist. Throughout the years I have published various articles on websites like GameStar and Gamereactor, my work can also be seen in print magazines like the WASD and Gain Magazine.

Being both a game developer as well as a game journalist allows me to combine skills that benefit the work on both sides. I have in depth knowledge about player behaviour, emotional design as well as a good sense for the overall design of a game, which helps me to keep everything unified.

Feel free to contact me for new opportunities or other matters! I work remotely from Berlin and preferably work on a contract basis.

What I'm playing right now

What I'm currently up to

Hitchhiker A mystery game set along lost highways.


I am the Game Design Director and Narrative Designer at the Berlin based studio Mad About Pandas. We are currently working on Hitchhiker, a mystery game with influences from Firewatch, Twin Peaks and other surreal experiences. The game is being published by Versus Evil and will be released this year. Check it out!


Xplorer is a personal project of mine, a German website that tells stories about video games and the people behind them. I’ve started the website in order to create a space, where the barrier between gamers and game developers dissolves. The content is a mixture between in-depth-articles, lighthearted content as well as game reviews.


I’ve been working as a freelancer for Gamereactor’s German website for about five years now. From time to time I will write news, but most of the time I am reviewing current video games.


I recently started working for TechStage as a game critic. Currently I am writing tests about the most popular Nintendo Switch games.